SYCORAX JOURNAL Submission Guidelines

What do we want?  Speculative poetry only. Fantasy only, no science fiction, no slipstream. No prose poems. Free verse strongly preferred. We’re looking for lyrical poems with rich imagery; long narratives will be a hard sell.  Our aesthetic:  think Goblin Fruit, Through the Gate, Liminality, Mythic Delirium

 ***We are now CLOSED to unsolicited submissions.***

Submission Periods:

Summer 2019 Issue:  Submit between June 13 and July 10.  You should hear back by August 1.  Target date: August  15, 2019. 

Fall Issue 2019:  Submit (if you were invited to) Aug. 6-Sept. 15.  You should hear back by Oct. 15.  Target date: November 1, 2019.

Spring 2020 Issue:  Submit (if you were invited to) between December 1-January 15.  You should hear back by Feb. 15.  Target date: March 1, 2020.

Length:  Minimum of 8 lines to maximum of 150 lines.  Sweet spot: 10 to 90 lines. 

Multiple submissions?  Yes.  Please submit 1-3 poems.

Simultaneous submissions?  Sorry, no.

Reprints? You may send reprints that haven’t been published online but only in print; a reprint will only be accepted if a new poem is also being accepted.  

Payment:  $5 per unpublished poem. Payment for reprints is $1, but only if a non-published poem is also being accepted.   

How to submit:  Please copy and paste your poem/s directly into an email sent to:  sycoraxspecpo AT  Subject line:  Submission: your name: title of one of your poems.  (Ex.:  Submission: Sandi Leibowitz: Time and Again)