Issue Four

Fall 2019



‘Tis the season when the walls between the worlds crack and loosen. Ghosts and ghouls leak through. The Unseelie Court dances in. Witches work overtime at their cauldrons; Sycorax would be remiss if she did not supply a few useful spells. Enjoy some visitations from those who are “sharp and full of edges.” And for those of you who prowl and prey, happy hunting. 

Sandi Leibowitz

Table of Contents

Seed Our Marrow With Glass – Mike Allen and S. Brackett Robertson

At Night, The Dead – Nicole J. LeBoeuf

The Good People – Maria Schrater

The Unseelie Court – Lorraine Schein

A Witch’s Apple – Rebecca Buchanan

If Mixed Well, the Flame Will Be a Brilliant Green and the Fire Will Not Die – R. Mac Jones

How to Double Your Luck – Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Potions Homework – Lynne Sargent

Self-Portrait as Magician – Jeannine Hall Gailey

the sorcerer’s price – Maya Chhabra

When She Goes Dark – Jeannine Hall Gailey