Somewhere Beneath the Stars – Alexandra Seidel.  Click here to order. 

“Alexandra Seidel’s poetry brims with intoxicating dreams. Nets capture stormclouds and stories, dances blur into woodland hunts, and shadows can be strung into jewelry. Powerful gods confess their troubles and magic whispers from every street corner. SOMEWHERE BENEATH THE STARS captures these cascades of beautiful words in a single vessel. Poetry lovers should drink deep.

Mike Allen, three-time Rhysling Award winner

“Seidel’s poems walk through worlds of epic myth and lush fairy tale, telling us truths both sweet and painful, but always suffused with wonder.”

Julia Rios, Hugo Award-winning editor


The Year of the Witch – Shannon Connor Winward.  Click here to order.

With a structure that mimics a New Age guide to the lunar ritual calendar of modern witches, THE YEAR OF THE WITCH offers an eclectic mix of personal, myth-inspired and speculative poetry, woven around a seasonal axis.

“A good and witchy book.”

Cathy Lopez, editor, DEVILFISH REVIEW

 “Much of what Winward writes witnesses to the resilience of the female spirit and, in a deep sense, is often an unspoken prayer… Her latest collection, THE YEAR OF THE WITCH, is structured as a ritual or journey into Year or Life. And like Year or Life the book can be begun at any juncture…beginnings become endings and endings infer beginnings. And threading close to the surface of these poems is, as in all art that channels memory and experience, a secret personal history…”



Dame Evergreen and Other Poems of Myth, Magic & Madness – Rebecca Buchanan.  Click here to order.

The world is magic. The world is stories.  

DAME EVERGREEN brings together forty poems of myth, magic, and madness, many original to this collection. Here, a butterfly Goddess weaves the world of her own color and light, a God reaches into the abyss to pull the runes into creation, a red-cloaked witch hunts the wolf who took her daughter, a turtle carries a fragile world upon its back, the doors to fairyland are tragically opened, princely spirits trapped in a briar hedge slowly go mad, and there is no happily ever after for a shape-shifting frog.

Join us on a journey through a world that is beautiful, horrible, magical, and mad.

“This collection is an eclectic mix of paens to lost goddesses, retold fairy tales, feminist revisionism, modern myth, horror, and light fantasy. The value of this wide variety is clear: like a box of chocolates, there’s at least one thing here for every reader! At Buchanan’s best, there’s a strong sense of the past being ever with us, alive through the centuries, if hidden, as in poems like “The Pomona of Park Avenue.” At her best, the world is filled with mystery and magic, even in the face of modern technology and war, as in ‘gray mare,’ or with dark, somber emotion, as in ‘grave-gifts.’ However, the collection moves rapidly from style to style and tone to tone, like a butterfly alighting on any flower that appeals at the moment, and some of the tonal shifts can be jarring. That’s the risk you take with offering the reader a cornucopia of poems from which to choose…”  

Deborah Davitt, author of The Valkyrie

If, like me, you love mythology and fairy tales, then this is for you. If, like me, you enjoy poems that are wildly creative but still accessible, this is for you. If you don’t mind darkness mixed in with your whimsy or a dash of reality interwoven with the lyricism, this is for you. The collection features a wide range of styles and subjects tied to myth, magic and madness, which I really enjoyed. Some of my favorite poems were: “mama always says,” “Turtle,” “Welcome to the Library,” and “Iphicles, On His Brother’s Return.”

Gerri Leen


The Bone-Joiner – Sandi Leibowitz.  Click here to order.  

“Sandi Leibowitz’s poetry collection invites the reader to join lovers and witches, artists and mythical beasts in lands made of jewels and bones. Whether it’s an enchanted library, a ghost-ridden instrument, or the spells and incantations of the hopeful and the damned, it all comes together in a sensuous feast of words. Open this book, and fall headlong into a world more dangerous and beautiful than our mundane realm.” 

Jennifer Crow, author of The First Bite of the Apple

“This collection should be part of any speculative poet’s library and I hope to see it nominated for an Elgin Book Award in the near future.” 

John C. Mannone, poetry editor of Abyss & Apex, Silver Blade, and Liquid Imagination; author of Apocalypse; winner of the 2017 Horror Writers Association Scholarship

“Shudders of longing and fear reverberate through Sandi Leibowitz’s sumptuous debut collection of poetry. The Bone-Joiner swims deep into the riches of folklore, fairy tale, and myth and returns with haunted eyes, mesmerizing scars and a wry smile. Here you’ll learn the perils of loving a wild child who grows up more wolf than boy, hear the defiance of a man who rejoices in the impractical wing that supplants his arm, and swoon to the song of Old Bone, who knows you’ll be happiest once you’re submerged by his side in the crawfish-teeming river mud. Come join this bloody, enchanting, protean feast.” 

Mike Allen, Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author of Unseaming; editor of Mythic Delirium and Clockwork Phoenix