Potions Homework

By Lynne Sargent


the necessary elements:

that when

reduced & synthesized

will give a woman

back her body,

bring it to class in the morning.


the herbs and spices:

the neighbors won’t disparage,

or call the landlord over

when the smell conjures

the old country

make it sweet for both of them,

write down the recipe.


the ground powders:

that will bring comfort to a soul

lacking, that fills acquired need with habit.

Give them a dust that will break

it, gentle as snow

place it on their tongue, watch it dissolve


the results. 


Lynne Sargent is a writer, aerialist, and philosophy Ph.D student currently studying at the University of Waterloo. You can find her writings in venues such as Strange Horizons, Truancy, and Augur Magazine, among others. She was a 2018 Rhysling and 2018 Aurora Nominee for poetry. If you want to find out more you can check out a complete list of her works at scribbledshadows.wordpress.com or reach out to her on Twitter @SamLynneS.