Issue Three

Summer 2019


The summer 2019 issue revels in the natural world: ocean, river, garden, desert, sky. Here naiads, ravens, gods, and other beings live and suffer and prey and sing and play. Join them. Dip your toes, breathe deeply, take to your wings. Summer will be gone before you know it.

Sandi Leibowitz

Table of Contents

Sea Change – Jennifer Pullen

Brittle Naiad – Amelia Gorman

Out of the Ocean – Amelia Gorman

These Rocks, This Soul – Beth Cato

The Riddle – Megan Arkenberg

Birch Girls – Jennifer Crow

The Witch of the Garden of Jewels – Brittany Warman

Hagar in the Wilderness – Jane Yolen

Desert Creatures in Their Bones – Jennifer Crow

Surreal Numbers – S. Brackett Robertson