Issue Two


The Yuletide season is over. Gone are the festooned trees, the mistletoe, the menorahs. We now labor in the true dark of the year, the very Heart of Winter. No matter that the days are growing longer; there are still storms to come before we can taste spring. Hunker down. Through the virtual pages of Issue Two stalk ghosts, Hel, Medusa, and other catastrophes. Wander at your peril.

Sandi Leibowitz


Table of Contents 

The Heart of Winter—Alexandra Seidel

Seven of Stars—Marianne Szlyk

Changeling—Lynette Mejia

Labyrinth Daughters —Jennifer Crow

Courting Medusa’s Daughter—Jane Yolen

Vacant—Mike Allen

The Sacrifices—Mike Allen

Waking up to a World of Fire—Marianne Szlyk

The Fetch of the Bass Rock—Jane Yolen

The Old Sailor’s Tale—Alexandra Seidel